14 Best Lacrosse Training Aids of 2023

Looking to become a better lacrosse player? Elevating your game involves training and consistent practice; however, in 2023, there are fantastic training aids that help take your game to the next level. Not only do these aids make you a better lacrosse athlete, they also make training more fun and enjoyable! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced player, incorporating lacrosse training aids into your game is a must. The lacrosse training journey just got a whole lot better 🥍.

What are the Best Lacrosse Training Aids?

1. ECD Shooting Targets

lacrosse training equipment and targets

Improve your shooting accuracy with ECD Shooting Targets. Sniping corners like D1 players and lacrosse pros takes repetition and practice. The ECD Shooting Target is a convenient, lightweight target you can carry in your lacrosse bag and attach to any lacrosse net. ECD (East Coast Dyes) is one of the top lacrosse equipment brands in the industry, and has a phenomenal reputation for making high quality equipment for lacrosse players.

2.Lacrosse Goalie Shooting Target

lacrosse goal

An alternative to the ECD shooting target is the Lacrosse Goalie Target. This target simulates the presence of a goalie in net. It’s fantastic if you are playing around in the backyard or a field, and you don’t have a goalie to hop in net, you can throw up this target in minutes and get to shooting.

3. Soft Practice Lacrosse Balls

lacrosse training equipment

Improve passing, shooting, and cradling with Soft Practice Lacrosse Balls. One of the biggest obstacles that prevents players from practicing more is concrete lacrosse balls. Most players are worried about breaking a window or putting a whole in the drywall with an off the mark pass. Throw some soft practice lacrosse balls in your bag and pull them out whenever practicing in delicate areas. This allows players to practice 2x more than they normally would.

4. Lacrosse Rebounder

lacrosse goal

Practice makes perfect. Being able to catch and throw with both hands is essential to becoming a better lacrosse player. And no matter your skill level, everyone can always improve. Every coach tells us to find a wall and start throwing! But not everyone lives near a brick or concrete wall. A lacrosse rebounder is perfect for the backyard, allowing you to sharpen your game, and get those reps in on your own time. Not sure which rebounder suits your backyard? Check out our list of best lacrosse rebounders on the market.

5. SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder

lacrosse training equipment

Enhancing footwork and agility is important for every player on the lacrosse field. The SKLZ Agility Quick Ladder for defenders looking to improve footwork and balance, dodging attackmen, and midfielders looking to become more athletic on both ends of the field.

6. Multi Color Agility Disc Cones

lacrosse training equipment and cones

Run shooting, dodging, and defensive drills with a simple stack of training cones. Attackmen can set these up from behind the net to improve footwork and work on dodging from X and turning the corner around the crease. Defensemen can mimic the same movements but in reverse, boosting their backpedal and shuffle agility. Midfielders can setup cones from up top and work on their alley dodges and shooting on the run.

7. Lacrosse Goal (Lacrosse Net)

lacrosse goal

Shoot wherever, whenever with a fold up lacrosse goal. Not every town keeps public lacrosse nets available year round (my town locks them up in the off-season). Instead grab your own net, and set it up in the back yard. You can even fold it up, throw it in a truck or SUV, and take it to a local field.

8. Bushnell Velocity Gun

lacrosse stick speed

Add power and velocity to your shot with the Bushnell Velocity Gun. It’s difficult to improve the speed of your shot without tracking its velocity. By tracking your shot velocity, you can start making tweaks and improvements to your shooting mechanics, and begin seeing measurable improvements in your shot speed.

9. Foldable Lacrosse Crease

lacrosse training skills

If you have a lacrosse net in the backyard, be sure to add a foldable crease to the setup. Remaining out of the crease while dodging towards the net (especially with a defender on you) is a tricky game of balance, footwork, and coordination.

10. Acumobility Back Roller

training equipment

Back muscles are the most important muscle group that goes into a lacrosse shot. Rolling out your lats is essential if you are looking to improve the speed of your shot. The acumobility back roller is a great piece of training equipment that keeps your muscles loose, alleviates pain and soreness, and allows you to train on a consistent basis.

11. Resistance Bands

lacrosse training skills

Lacrosse legend Paul Rabil consistently warms up and cools down his training sessions with resistance bands.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to use resistance bands to improve explosiveness, acceleration, and change of direction, check out this excellent video on YouTube.

12. Theragun Mini

sports training massage gun

Lacrosse training means little without proper recovery equipment. Every athlete family should have a Theragun at their disposal to ensure proper muscle recovery after training. This modern recovery equipment is no longer something that only pros and collegiate athletes use. Theraguns are becoming more prevalent at the high school and youth level, to provide adequate muscle relief and recovery after practice.

13. Balance Board

stick skills

Take your dodging, defense, and coordination to the next level with a balance board. Balance and core strength are the foundation to every great lacrosse athlete. Lacrosse training is largely about improving stick skills, but the first thing that happens when you enter a D1 program, is they put you in the gym and start gettin you bigger, fast, stronger, and more coordinated athlete.

14. Lacrosse Balls & a Bucket

sports training skills

Take your shot to the next level with a healthy bucket of 36 official sized lacrosse balls. Every great shooter knows it takes repetition and rhythm to improve shot mechanics. You can’t get into a rhythm with only 6 balls. You’ll be chasing missed shots all day. There is nothing better than taking a bucket of balls out to an empty field, getting into flow, and working on your shot. A bucket balls is essential for every offensive player and goalie!


There are many great lacrosse training aids available on the market today. Some of the best include shooting targets, soft lacrosse balls, a velocity gun, and a lacrosse rebounder. These tools are guaranteed to help players improve their speed, agility, shooting power, and accuracy. Why? Because training aids help you mimic the movement and reps that occur in-game. Practice makes perfect. So get to training!

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