10 Best Lacrosse Cleats of 2022 (Ranked and Reviewed)

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If you’re looking for the best lacrosse cleats on the market, look no further! Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet. Players need to be able to move quickly in any direction, up and down the field. That’s why it’s important to choose cleats that provide comfort, traction, and durability. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we’ve got you covered! This list is mainly geared towards the men’s and boy’s lacrosse game, so women be sure to check out our other picks for the best women’s lacrosse cleats!

Best Lacrosse Cleats

Our Pick

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New Balance Freeze LX V3

The New Balance Freeze LX V3 is a versatile cleat that provides a snug fit and phenomenal traction. It contains deep treads for quick lateral cuts, and enhanced underfoot traction that gives more edge to your stopping and starting capabilities.

The New Balance Freeze LX V3 features synthetic mesh inserts for optimal breathability. This cleat has as mid-ankle cut and a hybrid tongue, which locks the ankle in place and provides support for more demanding cuts on the field. New Balance is revered as one of the only major sports brands that has dedicated a size-able wing of their organization to designing the best lacrosse gear.


  • Comfortable
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable


  • May be too tight for some players

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite

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The Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite is designed for the elite lacrosse player. It offers a snug fit and unparalleled traction, making it perfect for quick cuts and fast sprints.

The Nike Alpha Huarache Elite is made with Nike React technology, which is lightweight foam that provides support and durability. The ‘X’ fit system helps lock your heel into place for active containment while dodging and cutting on the field. This Nike mid-ankle cleat is one of the best options in the lacrosse world, and could arguably take the #1 spot on this list.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction
  • Durable


  • Pricey

New Balance Burn X3

new balance lacrosse cleats

The New Balance Burn X3 Lacrosse Cleats provide excellent traction on both turf and natural grass. The achilles pad provide superior heel comfort for long hours on the field. The hybrid construction of this cleat gives you mid-cut support, but with a low-cut look. The Burn X3 is a great overall cleat worn by many pro lacrosse players like Trevor Baptiste and Grant Ament.

Under Armour Men’s Command Pro MC

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Under Armour’s Command Pro MC is uniquely designed for a lightweight, durable performance. It has a bootie-like collar at the top for a snug (almost sock-like) feel. It is designed to reduce cleat pressure, and optimizes for comfort, lightweight, and traction. If you’re someone that doesn’t like the stiffness of a normal cleat, and wants something extremely comfortable yet still provides high quality ankle and foot support, the Command Pro MC is a stellar choice.

Best Youth Lacrosse Cleats

Our Pick

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Nike Huarache 8 Youth Lacrosse Cleats

The Nike Huarache 8 Youth cleat contains a super flexible plate helps keep your foot comfortable during sprints, dodges, and quick strides. This cleat is a player favorite because of it’s break-in period. Overall, the Huarache 8’s have everything you can ask for in a youth lacrosse cleat.

New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 Youth Lacrosse Cleats

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“They’re super comfortable, have great grip, and they are cool colors.” – a 10 year old laxer. The New Balance Freeze LX 2.0’s have a super lacrosse-specific design. They are extra comfy around the ankle and contain a one of a kind plate designed the lacrosse angles and cuts a youth player takes on the field.

New Balance Rush 2 Youth Lacrosse Cleats

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The New Balance Rush 2 are optimized for speed and lightweight comfort. If you like the Nike Huarache 8’s but prefer something with a mid-ankle cut (more ankle support), the Rush 2’s a popular go-to cleat for youth players.

Best Lacrosse Turf Shoes

Looking for the best kicks for artificial turf? Check out our full list of the best lacrosse turf shoes for men and women. There are dozens of different turf shoes being developed specifically for the lacrosse game. To save you some time, below are our top 3 picks from that list 👇.

Our Pick

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New Balance’s Freeze LX V3 Turf Shoe

This is universally the best overall turf shoe for men and women.

This cushioned, lightweight shoe makes it feel like you are gliding on the turf.

New Balance Men’s Freeze LX V3 Box Lacrosse Shoe

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Best turf shoe for the indoor box game.

Looking for a box lacrosse-specific turf shoe? New Balance’s box shoe provides ankle support, ventilation, and toe drag protection; which is perfect for the indoor game.

New Balance’s Freeze LX 2.0 Turf Shoe

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Best bang for your buck.

Looking for a more affordable turf shoe that is still high quality? New Balance’s generation 2 of the Freeze LX is perfect. It has fresh foam comfort and comparable performance to the Freeze LX V3.

What to Look for in a Lacrosse Cleat


A good lacrosse cleat should be comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. It should fit snugly against your foot without feeling too tight or constricting.


The best lacrosse cleats are designed for speed and agility. Without proper traction, you’ll have a hard time making quick moves on the field. Look for cleats with deep treads that will help you grip the ground even in slippery conditions.


A good lacrosse cleat should be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. It should also be easy to clean so that it doesn’t get dirty or muddy during a game.


What is the difference between lacrosse cleats and football cleats?

Lacrosse and football cleats are designed for different types of performance on the field. Therefore, cleat manufacturers take that into consideration with designing a cleat for lacrosse vs. designing a cleat for football. Here are the main differences:


Lacrosse cleats provide more airflow and breathability to the feet. Football cleats are designed to be tougher and more enclosed to protect the player’s feet from injury.

Ankle Cuts

Both sports offer a variety of ankle cuts, however football offers a wider variety, due to the number of different positions. Lacrosse cleats typically lean towards low to mid ankle cuts, while football offers high cut cleats for linemen and lower cut cleats for skill players.

What are the best lacrosse cleats for wide feet?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different players have different preferences. However, some of the best lacrosse cleats for wide feet include the New Balance Freeze LX V0, Nike Alpha Huarache Elite, and Under Armour Command Pro MC. TheseCleats all provide a snug fit with plenty of room for wider feet.

Should lacrosse cleats be tight or loose?

Lacrosse cleats should be snug, but not too tight. They should provide ankle support and ankle stability without being constrictive. Some players prefer to go up a size in lacrosse cleats to ensure they have enough room, while others prefer a tighter fit for better control on the field.


There are a variety of lacrosse cleats on the market, but the best ones provide comfort, durability, and traction. Our pick for the best overall lacrosse cleat is the New Balance Freeze LX V3. For youth players, you can’t go wrong with the Nike Huarache 8 Youth. And if you’re looking for the best turf shoe, there are plenty of great options to choose from, depending on your preferences. The exciting news about playing lacrosse is that the big brands (New Balance, Nike, Under Armour) are all getting better at developing lacrosse specific cleats each year. Do you have a favorite lacrosse cleat that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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