25 Best Lacrosse Socks In 2023

men's lacrosse socks reviews

Looking for comfortable, high performance lacrosse socks that stand out on the field and fit snugly in your lacrosse cleats? Look no further. After digging through hundreds of pairs of lacrosse socks, we put together a list of the best lacrosse socks for boys, girls, and youth players. Most of the lacrosse socks in this article also include youth sizes, so keep that in mind on your search. When evaluating the best lacrosse socks, we made sure to look for breathable material, moisture control, odor control, cushioned comfort, and a variety of color options. Without further ado, let’s dive into the best lacrosse socks on the market 🧦.

Best Men’s & Boy’s Lacrosse Socks

Sock Guy Maryland Lax Grey Lacrosse Crew Socks

athletic lacrosse socks sports reviews

If you’re looking to represent the iconic Maryland flag with cushioned lacrosse socks, these grey Maryland Terp crew socks are perfect. They are high quality, comfy socks that feel great on your feet without causing blisters or irritation. These Maryland socks can be worn in warm weather due to their max ventilation and breathability control.

Sock Guy Head Shot Lacrosse Crew Socks

athletic lacrosse socks sports reviews

Sock Guy makes some of the best lacrosse socks you can find. Not only are they high quality socks that seem to last forever, they include sick designs (and colors) that stand out on the field. The Sock Guy Head Shot crew socks are one of the most popular of the bunch, featuring a lacrosse stick breaking through a skull!

Warrior Performance Team Color Lacrosse Crew Socks

athletic lacrosse socks sports reviews

Warrior is one of the top name brands in lacrosse. They manufacture everything from lacrosse sticks to gloves to bags to socks! The Warrior Performance pack includes a variety of color options that provide a snug fit and comfortable feel.

Sock Guy Lax Hazard Lacrosse Crew Socks

athletic lacrosse socks sports reviews

Looking to stand out on the field? The Sock Guy Lax Hazard socks feature bright, powerful colors that include little lacrosse head graphics within a hazard symbol. Again, with Sock Guy you can expect super comfy and long-lasting socks. This is one of the best options for those looking to flex their cool new socks on the field.

Nike Vapor Crew Socks

nike socks for lacrosse

It’s no secret Nike makes premiere athletic socks. But the Nike Vapors are especially superb for lacrosse players. The proprietary Nike Dry fabric keeps this sock breathable, ventilated, and dry. The dynamic arch band at the middle of the foot provides arch support and soft cushion. If you’re not looking for a fancy design, and just want a sock optimized for on-field performance, the Nike Vapors are the best of the best.

MADSportsStuff Athletic Lacrosse Socks

color socks for lacrosse

Now let’s have some fun! The MADSportsStuff Athletic lacrosse socks provides an array of bright, stand-out lacrosse socks with 18+ color variations. These socks are wildly popular amongst youth boys and youth girls lacrosse players.

These may run small (according to some reviews), so double check the reviews before purchasing.

Lacrosse Athletic Half Cushioned Crew Socks 

blue socks for lacrosse

Looking for a simple design? Rock the iconic lacrosse stick design on the mid calf area with this pair of half cushioned crew socks. ChalkTalkSPORTS reliably makes socks that keep your feet dry and comfortable on the lax field. These blue socks come in a “one size fits many” for boys and girls.

MADSportsStuff American Flag Lacrosse Socks

USA socks for lacrosse

Shopping for that rugged American lacrosse look? These moisture wicking socks not only have arch compression, odor control, and optimal performance, they feature a silhouette lacrosse player with an American flag background. Honor the game.

MADSportsStuff Lacrosse Victory Socks

lacrosse socks

A super cool lacrosse sock with slick colors. This mid-calf sock has one of the best designs on the market, as well as arch compression and blister control.

ChalkTalk SPORTS Girls Lacrosse Athletic Mid-Calf Woven Socks

rainbow lacrosse socks

Stand out on the field! This multi-color moisture wicking sock comes in a variety of colorways for girl lacrosse players. Not only can you sport this fresh design on the field, they are perfect for everyday use.

Maryland Flag Crew Socks

maryland lacrosse socks

Represent the Terps! The Maryland flag is iconically recognized in the lacrosse community as a legendary design, and home to one of the biggest lacrosse hotbeds in the country: Maryland.

TCK Stars and Stripe Socks

red white blue socks for lacrosse

USA. With the college lacrosse championship taking place on Memorial Day every year, the lacrosse community has become synonymous with remembering and honoring the great men and women who died for this country while serving in the armed forced. Represent USA on the field with this high performance stars and stripe pattern.

TCK Midline Lacrosse Logo Socks

bright socks for lacrosse

Looking for a simple lacrosse design on the back calf area? TCK’s Midline socks come in a 10+ different colors: perfect for boys, girls, and all youth players.

East Coast Dyes Performance Lacrosse Socks

east coast dyes socks

East Coast Dyes is an amazing, well-known brand in the lacrosse space. They make high quality lacrosse gear of all types. While their performance socks don’t come in many color options, they are slick, lacrosse-specific socks optimized for the best players of the game.

ChalkTalk Custom Number Lacrosse Socks

custom number socks

Sport your jersey number on the back of your socks with ChalkTalk’s Custom Number lax socks. They even offer moisture wicking, ventilation, and arch support technology.

Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks

dickies backup socks

Looking for a simple, tried and true moisture control socks? Dickies is a reputable workwear brand. While they don’t make lacrosse specific gear, their socks are always a solid option to throw in the lacrosse bag on rainy days.

Under Armour Adult Cotton Crew Socks

Under armour socks

Prefer Under Armour? UA makes fantastic athletic socks for all sports. While these aren’t lacrosse specific sock, everyone knows Under Armour is synonymous with high quality performance material.

ChalkTalk Single Stick Lacrosse Socks

bright blue socks for sports

The Single Stick socks from ChalkTalk offer a variety of cool, bright color options. However several reviews complain about the stretchability and material of this sock.

Best Girl’s Lacrosse Socks

Sock Guy Lax Balls Pink Lacrosse Crew Socks

girls lacrosse socks sports reviews

Sock Guy makes some of the best socks in boy’s and girl’s lacrosse. They’re super comfy, durable, outlast other types of lacrosse socks and feature designs that stand out on the field! The Pink Lax Balls socks come in bright colors with a pink lacrosse ball design.

Lacrosse Woven Mid-Calf Socks

womens lacrosse socks sports reviews

Looking for a wide selection of color options? ChalkTalk’s woven mid-calf socks are comfortable, high performance socks that keep your feet dry for laxers of all ages.

Sock Guy Keep Calm And Lax On Lacrosse Crew Socks

girls lacrosse socks reviews

When the going gets tough, sometimes you just need to keep calm and lax on. These 6-inch ribbed socks provide comfort, softness, and durability for long days on the field.

Lacrosse Athletic Half Cushioned Crew Socks | Sundae and Malibu Neon

athletic lacrosse team socks

Chalktalk’s half cushioned crew socks are a girl’s lacrosse favorite to wear during practice. They high performance socks built with moisture wicking to keep your feet dry. The only drawback is they may not be as durable as some of the other socks on this list.

MadSportsStuff Chevron Girl’s Lacrosse Socks With Lacrosse Sticks

original team sports socks price

Add a touch of fun to the lax season with MadSportsStuff’s mid-calf chevron socks. They’re lightweight, moisture wicking socks that provide arch and ankle compression to reduce fatigue.

Girls Lacrosse Athletic Ankle Socks | Low Cut

womens lacrosse sports socks

Prefer low cut socks? These girls lacrosse athletic ankle socks are the perfect gift for the up and coming laxer. They’re comfy socks that come in a variety of colorways.

What To Look For In A Lacrosse Sock

When you are looking for the best lacrosse socks, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

Breathable mesh

This will help keep your feet cool and dry during those hot lacrosse games. If you’re playing in hot summer tournaments, make sure wear performance socks constructed of lightweight material .

Moisture control

Similar to breathability, moisture control is important to prevent blisters and to keep your feet comfortable.

Odor control

Odor can easily develop as more sweat accumulates. Most socks do their best to be odor-free, but be sure to wash your socks and air out your pads after a game.

Cushioned comfort

Lacrosse socks need to fit snugly in the cleat. Make sure your socks are high enough to prevent your skin from rubbing against the top of the cleat.

What Socks Do You Wear For Lacrosse?

In lacrosse, there are four types of socks you can wear: low ankle socks, quarter socks, crew socks (mid-calf), and knee high socks. Quarter socks are the most popular type of socks to wear in boy’s and girl’s lacrosse.

Low-cut ankle socks

Low-cut ankle socks are cut at or beneath the ankle. Low-cut ankle socks are okay to wear if you have low-cut ankle cleats. However, most lacrosse cleats cut at or above the ankle. So if you have higher cut cleats, it may be better go get higher rise socks.

Quarter socks

Quarter socks are the most popular type of lacrosse sock. Quarter socks are about half the length of a crew sock, and 1/4 the distance between the ankle and knee. Quarter socks are the most preferable type of lacrosse sock because they are high enough to rise above the top of the cleat, protecting your skin from being rubbed against, and low enough to not cover too much leg in the heat.

Crew socks (mid-calf)

Crew socks used to be the go-to lacrosse sock for decades. Crew socks rise about 1/2 way between your ankle and knee. Crew socks are still fairly popular at the youth level, with many fun and crazy lacrosse sock designs being specifically designed for crew socks.

Knee high socks

For colder weather, it’s great to wear knee high socks. Knee high socks cover all the way up to your knee. They also come in creative, wild designs that stand out on the field. If you’re looking to keep your legs warm in frigid temperatures, knee high socks are great to have in your repertoire.

Wrap Up

Not only do lacrosse socks need to fit snugly in the cleat, they need to keep your feet cool and dry during games. There are plenty of different brands to choose from that provide a variety of color options and performance based materials. Be sure to pick your favorites from this list and wear them with style on the field. After you grab some socks, pair them with the right lacrosse cleats, women’s lacrosse cleats, or turf shoes. Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet, so make sure to get your feet right!

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