10 Best Lacrosse Movies Of All Time

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Whether you’re a lacrosse player or just a fan of the sport, there are some incredible lacrosse movies for you to sit back and enjoy. Unfortunately, most people have only seen cheesy Hollywood depictions of lacrosse in movies like Mean Girls and tv shows like Teen Wolf. That’s why we curated a list of lacrosse movies ranging from gritty documentaries to light-hearted comedies that much better represent the sport. So grab some popcorn and kick your feet up. It’s time to immerse yourself in the best lacrosse movies of all time.

1) Fate Of A Sport

Fate Of A Sport chronicles the story of lacrosse legend Paul Rabil and his fight to change the trajectory of the sport of lacrosse – forever. After 11 years as one of the most dominant players in professional lacrosse (in a league that was far from professional), Rabil decides to take matters into his own hands. Alongside his brother Mike, Paul raises capital, poaches top players, fights off lawsuits, and perseveres through a global pandemic to build a legitimate professional lacrosse league. This documentary is fascinating because you get a behind-the-scenes look at the pain, suffering, and sheer force of will it took for Paul pull this off – all while playing in the league.

2) Spirit Game: Pride Of A Nation

spirit game

Spirit Game: Pride Of A Nation is a 2017 documentary that takes viewers on a journey exploring the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) roots behind the ancient game of lacrosse. Lacrosse began with the Iroquois. It was the lifeblood of their Nation, often referred to as “the medicine game”.

This film is a lacrosse story told from a purely Native American perspective as it follows the 2015 Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team and their journey to the World Championships, which is hosted by the Iroquois for the first time in history. The story illuminates the physical and spiritual aspects of “the Creator’s Game”, while highlighting perspectives from players like Lyle Thompson, Mile Thompson, and members of the Iroquois community. When the Iroquois Nationals take the world stage as ambassadors for their sport, they are playing more than just a game, they are playing for all Native people.

3) Crooked Arrows

brandon routh in crooked arrows

Crooked Arrows is a 2012 film centered around a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school tournament. Joe Logan, a mixed-blood Native American, is eager to modernize his reservation; however, he must first prove himself to his father by rediscovering his spirit. Joe coaches the reservation’s high school lacrosse team who competes against the better-equipped and better trained prep school players.

Struggling to connect with his players, Joe realizes that answer lies deep within the traditional heritage of the sport, and teaches his players the meaning of tribal pride.

4) Living The Dream: A Northwestern Lacrosse Documentary

“Living The Dream” documents the journey of the 2022 Northwestern University women’s lacrosse team. Told through the eyes of four 5th year graduates, this film provides a never-before-seen view into the lives and minds of elite women in collegiate athletics. If you’re a young girl interested in playing college lacrosse one day, this is a must-watch documentary that is available for free on YouTube.

5) The Medicine Game

chase stein playing lacrosse

Tucked away in central New York State is the Onondaga Nation, a sovereign Native American community known to produce some of the top lacrosse players in the world. Yet, reluctance of leaving their community, substance abuse, and poverty have kept far too many of these players from venturing off the “Rez” and into collegiate or professional ranks.

The Medicine Game shares the remarkable journey of two brothers, Hiana and Jeremy Thompson, hoping to break this troubling trend. The boys are driven by a single goal: to beat the odds and play lacrosse for national powerhouse Syracuse University. The obstacles in their way are frequent and daunting, but the brothers’ love for the game and their family’s unyielding determination propel these boys closer to their dream.

6) The Grizzlies

teens win for the parents

In the late 90’s, the small Arctic town of Kugluktuk struggled with the highest suicide rate in North America. When Canadien settlers first made contact in the 1940’s, Inuit culture and traditions were decimated as new ‘Western’ ways were ushered in. This incredible true story depicts a group of Inuit students who’s lives are transformed when they are introduced to the team sport of lacrosse.

The Grizzlies is an emotionally inspiring movie that has received tons of positive feedback from audiences in comments and reviews.

7) A Warrior’s Heart

warrior's heart & english boarding school

In A Warrior’s Heart, a high school athlete turns self-destructive after his father’s death, but a new love interest and his passion for lacrosse help him rediscover the warrior within and bring new meaning to his life.

8) American Pie

relevant to teen wolf tv shows

Is American Pie a “lacrosse” movie? Not exactly. But it includes some of the most iconic lacrosse movie scenes of the 2000’s. Christopher ‘Oz’ Ostreicher is an easygoing lacrosse player who plays on the team with his buddy Stifler. The lacrosse scenes are funny, overdramatic, and action-packed. And Oz ends up getting asked to prom by a girl after the game. There’s not too much lacrosse in the movie, but it’s always great to see the sport get some mainstream attention.

9) Keepers Of The Game

a few scenes where family must accept the shaolin girl

Lacrosse was born in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory as a sacred game, traditionally reserved for men. When a women’s lacrosse team forms in upstate New York, they aim to be the first Native women’s team to take the championship title away from their rivals Massena High. As the season comes to a head, the indigenous community becomes torn, the girls must prove that the game of lacrosse is their rightful inheritance.

10) City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story

wild child learning sports

City Lax: An Urban Lacrosse Story is a documentary about a group of inner city 12-year-old kids in Denver who formed a multi-racial team in the elite sport of lacrosse. One is a poet. One is a musician. One has a mother in jail, and one had a father who was murdered. Together, with the help of a devoted and inspirational 5th grade teacher, they find a hint of salvation in the most unlikely of sports.

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