15 Best Lacrosse Brands And Companies In 2023

top lacrosse brands for lacrosse gear

There are more brands in the lacrosse world than ever and it can be daunting to enter as a new player or coach looking for clothing and lacrosse equipment. This article will break down all of the most popular lacrosse brands and companies that newcomers should look out for, including established brands and newer, up and coming brands, based on their strengths in their products.

Best Lacrosse Clothing Brands

lacrosse brands and lacrosse gear
Credit: Premier Lacrosse League


Champion is having a bit of a renaissance in recent years. They are currently partnered with the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) and produce their jerseys. Through the partnership, they also produce athletic shirts, shorts, and some classic mesh lacrosse shorts in addition to the replica game shorts available through the PLL website. Champion also makes retro college lacrosse mesh shorts which have been a staple in the lacrosse community for decades. Champion has a reputation for being incredibly durable clothing.

Nike and Under Armour

In general, Nike and Under Armour are companies that make generally high quality athletic shirts and shorts. However, if you are looking for equipment for your team, a newer, USA-based brand to consider is Pro Athletics which is run by professional lacrosse player Jerry Ragonese. Pro Athletics generally only does bulk orders for uniforms but does have some apparel which is quite high quality.

Best Lacrosse Stick Brands

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StringKing manufactures some of the best complete lacrosse sticks for attack, middies, and defenders at all ages. Their high quality lacrosse sticks usually come it at great price point when compared to other brands.


The STX Stallion collection is a player-favorite. The STX Stallion is a collection of lacrosse sticks developed for attackmen that vary in price and style. Specifically, the STX Stallion 200 complete attack lacrosse stick is a highly popular stick for beginners. STX, along with StringKing, develop some of the top defensive lacrosse sticks as well.


If you’re looking for higher-end, premium lacrosse sticks for intermediate players and above, Maverik develops some of the top offensive lacrosse sticks on the market. Maverik heads are known for their quick release and Maverik shafts are known for their lightweight feel.

Best Lacrosse Helmet Brands

lacrosse brands for lacrosse gear

When it comes to protective equipment like lacrosse helmets, there are very few brands that are recognized as industry-standard manufacturers. The top lacrosse helmet brand is Cascade. They develop lacrosse helmets for men, women, and youth lacrosse players. Cascade integrates cutting-edge design with the latest in protective helmet technology.

Top Lacrosse Ball Brands

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Two brands that stand out in the lacrosse ball space are STX and Champion. Buying in bulk from many sellers does not specify brands, which means you could end up with potentially multiple different types of lacrosse balls in different orders. Since the weight and dimension of lacrosse balls are standardized, the variance between what you get in different brands will be unnoticeable in most cases.

Top Lacrosse Head Brands

lacrosse brands for lacrosse equipment

When it comes to finding the top lacrosse heads it largely depends on the position you are playing. Here are the following head types:

Generally speaking, below are some of the top brands that dominate those categories.

Warrior and STX

The brands which have been around the space the longest generally understand what specific position groups need in a lacrosse head and are able to tailor their engineering processes toward each group. Warrior in particular has editions of the Evo head, one of the longest running lines of a lacrosse head, specifically for both offensive and defensive players. The offensive variant of the Evo would even be appropriate for midfielders and long stick midfielders. Similarly, STX is an established brand with lines of heads designed for offensive players, like the Surgeon, and for defensive players, like the Stallion.

Nike And Under Armour

More recently, brands such as Nike and Under Armour have established themselves in the lacrosse head space. Nike generally targets the offensive positions with their designs, like the CEO or the Vapor Elite, and Under Armour produces generally well rounded heads like the Command 2.0.

East Coast Dyes

While brands such as Warrior and STX are some of the most established brands in lacrosse history, they are not the only brands worth considering. A brand which started only selling lacrosse mesh, East Coast Dyes (ECD), entered the equipment space recently. In particular, the ECD Ion is a great head designed with attackmen in mind. Their heads are made with what’s called Diamond Plastic and is meant to be extremely light weight.

Top Lacrosse Shaft Brands

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Like lacrosse heads, lacrosse shafts come as either attack shafts, midfield shafts, or defense shafts.


As the more established brand, STX is generally worth considering first for a new lacrosse shaft. The Shift Sc-Ti shaft is light but durable due to its use of titanium alloy with a finish that provides extra grip for the player. Similarly, the Hammer SC Scandium shaft is incredibly durable, has a finish and shape designed for improved grip.


Maverik also is a notable name producing multiple great offensive shafts like the Caliber Attack and the Hyperlite. These shafts feature adjustable butt ends which can improve the feel for players with different preferences without having to try different tape configurations. They are generally very light and frequently are made using carbon fiber composites.


Warrior also produces some notable defensive shafts such as the Titan Classic. The shaft uses titanium, has thicker walls than other shafts for increased durability, but is still incredibly light. The combination of these attributes make it a punishing option for defensive players.

Best Lacrosse Stick Brands Womens

top lacrosse brands for womens lacrosse


Gait, a women’s lacrosse brand founded by lacrosse legend Paul Gait, is the by far and away the top lacrosse brand for women’s lacrosse sticks. They manufacture lacrosse heads for beginners, advanced players, and even specific heads for draws (the women’s faceoff). In addition to heads, Gait does offer some shafts as well.

While Gait has run the women’s game for years, there are some up-and-coming companies which have made a name for themselves. The Epoch Dragonfly Purpose 10 stick is a carbon composite shaft which is incredibly light but durable. East Coast Dyes also has started producing women’s sticks with the Infinity Pro which is their own carbon composite stick. Both companies have managed to rival the quality produced by Gait over the past decade.

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