When Is Lacrosse Season? (College, High School, Youth, & Pro)

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Flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. The official season of lacrosse is spring. However – because this sport is enjoyed by people of all ages (from youth players to professional athletes) – lacrosse seasons can take place at different times of year for different levels of play. In this article, we will dive into when the lacrosse season begins and ends for all major levels of play. So whether you are a beginner just starting out, or just a fan of the sport, read on for all the information you need about when lacrosse season rolls around!

When Is College Lacrosse Season?

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The NCAA lacrosse season begins every year at the beginning of February. This includes men’s and women’s lacrosse. The post-season conference tournaments begin at the end of April, and the NCAA tournament, which leads to the NCAA championships, takes place at the end of May.

When Is High School Lacrosse Season?

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High school lacrosse seasons vary state by state; however, in most districts the season begins in March and extends to May or June (depending on the playoff structure).

When Is Lacrosse Season For Youth?

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Youth lacrosse teams typically play games from April until early June, with practices beginning in March.

When Is The Premier Lacrosse League Season?

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The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is the professional outdoor men’s lacrosse league. The PLL’s regular season schedule extends from early June until the end of August, with the playoffs and championship being played in September.

When Is The National Lacrosse League Season?

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The National Lacrosse League (NLL) is the professional indoor box men’s lacrosse league. The NLL’s regular season schedule extends from December until April, with the playoffs and championship being played in May and June.

When Is Lacrosse Season Over?

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Lacrosse season is typically over near the end of spring. The college lacrosse season ends on Memorial Day Weekend, when the final four championship games take place at the end of May. High school and youth lacrosse seasons usually end at the end of May or early June. The Premier Lacrosse League’s season ends in September and the National Lacrosse League’s season ends in June.


What months are lacrosse season?

Lacrosse season practices typically begin in February or March. Regular season lacrosse games usually run between March and early June.

How long are lacrosse seasons?

Lacrosse seasons are usually around 3 months long and take place during the spring season.

Is lacrosse in the fall or spring?

Lacrosse is considered a spring sport, with youth, high school, and college regular season games all taking place during the spring. However, there are “fall ball” leagues that exist in many areas, which are designed for players who want to play lacrosse in the offseason and improve their skills.

Is lacrosse a year round sport?

The official season for lacrosse is spring, with youth, high school, and college games taking place during that time. However, lacrosse can be played year-round for players looking to sharpen their skills in the offseason.

  • Club teams compete during the summer. This is when many high school-level athletes look to get recruited to a college team.
  • “Fall ball” leagues exist in many areas, either through your club team or high school team, where players can play in tournaments or weekly games.
  • Indoor lacrosse leagues take place during the winter season.

If you’re playing year-round, it’s important to take the proper steps to recover after lacrosse games, so your body is primed and ready for the competitive spring season.

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