The Complete Goalie Gear Lacrosse Guide Of 2023 (Boys & Girls)

Lacrosse goalies are the field generals for a lacrosse team: courageous, vocal, and dynamic. When stepping between the pipes, it’s important that you are wearing all of the required pieces of goalie equipment to protect yourself from high velocity shots. In this complete guide for beginners, we break down all of the equipment a lacrosse goalie needs to wear on the field. Whether you are looking for high school or youth lacrosse goalie gear (or even girls lacrosse goalie gear), you are in the right place. Let’s dive in 👇.

What Gear Do You Need For Lacrosse Goalie?

According to the rules of lacrosse, all goalies (boys and girls) at every level are required to wear the following equipment:

*Padding on the shin and thighs are only required for girl’s lacrosse goalies at the U15 youth level.

In addition to the mandated goalie equipment, it helpful for goalies to have the following optional items:

Lacrosse Goalie Helmets

When stepping between the pipes, it is essential for goalies to have a lacrosse helmet with a snug fit and enhanced protection. Here’s our top pick for lacrosse goalies 👇.

Our Pick

stx goalie gear

Cascade XRS

The XRS lacrosse helmet is Cascade’s top-of-the-line model, combining all of its best features: a distinctive aesthetic, comfort, and protection. Cascade effortlessly blends outstanding protection, innovative design elements, vision, and style. The XRS is the current helmet worn my players in the Premier Lacrosse League.


stx goalie helmet price

Cascade S Youth

Branded as the “pinnacle protection for youth players”, the Cascade S Youth lacrosse helmet incorporates a tri-liner system for protection and a VisionBar facemask to provide developing players with elite peripheral vision.

To see more options, check out our full list of best goalie lacrosse helmets.

Lacrosse Goalie Throat Protectors

In addition to a helmet, goalies are required to wear throat guards to protect their throat and neck area. Here’s our top pick for lacrosse goalies 👇.

Our Pick

stx goalie gear guards

Cascade TP-S

The Cascade TP-S is the premier throat guard for lacrosse goalies. It covers more surface area and provides more protective coverage than any other throat guard on the market.

To see more options, check out our full list of best goalie lacrosse throat guards.

Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protectors

Boys and girls lacrosse goalies are required to wear NOCSAE-approved lacrosse chest protectors to protect their chest, sternum, stomach, and heart. Here’s our top pick for lacrosse goalies 👇.

Our Pick

stx chest goalie gear

Warrior Nemesis Pro

Built to absorb high impact shots, the Warrior Nemesis Pro comes with a foam chest plate with added inserts that help bolster protection. The 3-piece pad construction allows goalies to build up or break down the belly pad setup and either opt for more protection, more mobility, or a hybrid of the two.

To see more options, check out our full list of best lacrosse chest protectors for goalies.

Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Thumb injuries are a common injury amongst goalies, largely due to high velocity shots to the thumb and hand region. As a result, lacrosse goalies wear goalie-specific lacrosse gloves that are designed with additional padding in key areas like the thumb and fingers. Here’s our top pick for lacrosse goalies 👇.

Our Pick

stx goalie gear gloves

Maverik Rome

Offering innovation and functionality, the Maverik Rome provides the full package: maximum protection, breathability, and superior comfort. It’s two-part thumb design protects goalies from hyper-extension and high velocity shots, while providing outstanding freedom for hand movement.

To see more options, check out our full list of best lacrosse goalie gloves.

Lacrosse Cleats

Lacrosse goalies need to be light on the feet and quick to react at a moment’s notice. That’s where lacrosse cleats come in. Here’s our top picks for lacrosse goalies 👇.

Our Pick

men's goalie cleats

New Balance Freeze LX V3

The New Balance Freeze LX V3 is a versatile cleat that provides a snug fit and phenomenal traction. It contains deep treads for quick lateral cuts, and enhanced underfoot traction that gives more edge to your stopping and starting capabilities.


goalie equipment

Nike Huarache 8 Youth

The Nike Huarache 8 Youth cleat contains a super flexible plate helps keep your foot comfortable during sprints, dodges, and quick strides. This cleat is a player favorite because of it’s break-in period. Overall, the Huarache 8’s have everything you can ask for in a youth lacrosse cleat.

To see more options, check out our full list of best men’s lacrosse cleats and best women’s lacrosse cleats.

Lacrosse Turf Shoes

Playing on artificial turf surfaces and need something without the spikes? Lacrosse turf shoes provide phenomenal traction, comfort, and stability. Here’s our top pick for goalies 👇.

Our Pick

field lacrosse goalie

New Balance Men’s Freeze LX V3 Turf Lacrosse Shoe

New Balance’s Freeze LX V3 Turf shoes are widely regarded as the best lacrosse turf shoe on the market today; providing ultra-cushioned, lightweight material to make it feel like you are gliding on the field.

To see more options, check out our full list of best lacrosse turf shoes.

Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

Once you have all of the necessary pieces of goalie equipment, you’ll need a goalie lacrosse stick! Here’s our top picks for goalies👇.

Our Pick

stx goalie stick

STX Eclipse 2

The STX Eclipse 2 is the most popular and well-favored goalie head on the market. It has a stiff sidewall while remaining lightweight, which is great for goalie’s needing to react quickly and make solid stops.

Our Pick

stx goalie shaft

Maverik A1 Goalie Shaft

The Maverik A1 Goalie shaft is a 36″ shaft composed of extremely lightweight scandium alloy. Its weather-proof grip and adjustable butt-end keep the shaft durable and customizable for all playing conditions. The 2022 model of the Maverik A1 is the premiere, most well-rounded, goalie shaft on the market.

To see more goalie options, check out our full list of best lacrosse goalie sticks.

Lacrosse Bags

With all of this equipment, it can be difficult to lug it to and from practice. Instead of struggling, grab a lacrosse equipment bag to make travel easier. Here’s our top pick for goalies 👇.

Our Pick

stx stick bag brand

Warrior Black Hole Lacrosse Bag

Warrior’s all-time best selling bag comes with a full side compartment to store extra lacrosse sticks and shafts. It includes a wet gear compartment to keep the smelly stuff separate. The Warrior Black Hole bag is spacious enough to fit all of your lacrosse gear, and durable enough to last for years to come.

To see more options, check out our full list of best lacrosse bags.


stx goalie pants and guards

Akin to other sports like hockey, lacrosse goalies need to suit up with ample gear to protect themselves in net: helmets, throat guards, gloves, chest protectors, mouthpieces, and athletic protective cups. In addition to the required equipment, many goalies often wear pants to soften up shots against their legs and shins. Pants are also a sneaky way to cover more surface area in net and improve your chances for making a lucky save. Whether you’re playing men’s lacrosse or women’s lacrosse, the goalie position is a difficult, but fun position that is crucial to your team’s success!

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