7 Best Attack Lacrosse Heads in 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)

attack head with tight face shape

Playing attack requires supreme stick skills…and it all starts with the lacrosse head. If you play the attack position, you need a head that is stiff yet lightweight. But it isn’t just about the structure. Attack heads need to be designed to carry a pocket that enables a quick release and enhanced ball retention. The name of the game is scoring goals and keeping the ball away from defenders, right 😉? When paired with the best attack lacrosse shafts, you can dominate the “O” end of the field. In this article, we will discuss the best attack lacrosse heads and what to look for when choosing an attack head for your game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced player, there’s an attack head on this list for you.

What Are The Best Attack Lacrosse Heads?

  1. Maverik Optik 3.0Best Overall
  2. ECD IonBest Design
  3. ECD Mirage 2.0Best for Shooters
  4. Maverik Tactik 3.0Best Upgrade
  5. STX Surgeon 900Lightest
  6. Maverik Optik UBest Value (Budget-Friendly)
  7. Warrior Evo QX-OUsed by Grant Ament (Pro Attackman)
Best Overall
best lacrosse heads for ball retention

🏆 #1 Best Selling Attack/Middie Head On SportStop.com in 2022

Maverik Optik 3


The Optik 3 is built for the quarterback of the offense. Its face shape is optimized for a mid to low pocket, which is ideal for attackmen looking to maintain ball control. Its 20 sidewall holes are a stick doctor’s dream, allowing for infinite stringing options and a fully customized pocket that can be tweaked to your liking.

  • Shorter throat
  • Designed for mid-low pocket
  • 20 sidewall holes
  • Increased offset for better catching and carrying


$99 Unstrung

Bottom Line

The Maverik Optik 3 is the best overall head for attackmen – especially if you are the quarterback of the offense. Think Rob Pannell, Mikey Sowers, Matt Rambo. It is built for the dodging attackman who operates from behind the goal, feeds his teammates, and scores goals himself. How does it differentiate? The Optik 3 is light as a feather yet maintains remarkable durability – a lethal combination you won’t find with other heads.

Best Design
best attack lacrosse head features



The Ion features ECD’s patent pending Diamond Plastic design – a one of a kind look that stands out on the field. It lightweight, aerodynamic face shape is built for blazing fast attackmen who need to maintain ball control when dodging.

  • ECD’s lightest head ever
  • Diamond Plastic design
  • Best for mid-low pocket
  • Numerous color options (Clear, Midnight, Frost)


$120 – $170

Bottom Line

The ECD Ion is the slickest looking attack lacrosse head we’ve ever seen. Releasing in early 2023, the ECD Ion took social media by storm with its innovative new Diamond Plastic design, coming in a variety of color options. It is a well-rounded attack head that is lightweight, sturdy, and looks great on the field. The Ion is used by high school lacrosse phenoms McCabe Millon and Brendan Millon.

Best for shooters

ECD Mirage 2.0


The ECD Mirage 2.0 is not your average lacrosse head. Featuring an aggressive offset, tight face shape, and exceptional scoop, this head is every shooter’s dream.

  • Lightweight and stiff
  • Great at scooping ground balls
  • Smooth release point
  • Mid-pocket blends the best of both worlds (power and accuracy)
Mirage 2


$99 Unstrung

Bottom Line

If you’re an attackman who is looking to add velocity to your shot, the ECD Mirage 2.0 is built for you. Its mid-pocket design holds the ball in the center of the head, which is great for shooters who need to generate power and accuracy off a quick release. It also doesn’t hurt that its reinforced scoop makes this head especially great at scooping ground balls. If looking to emulate the style of play of Brennan O’Neill or CJ Kirst, the ECD Mirage 2.0 is right up your alley.

BEST Upgrade
tactik 3.0 review

🏆 Upgraded version of the #3 Best Selling Attack/Middie Head On SportStop.com in 2022

Maverik Tactik 3.0


The Maverik Tactik 3.0 is an upgraded version of the player-favorite Tactik 2.0. It is lightweight, stiff, and perfectly engineered to scoop ground balls with ease. Its enhanced stiffness allows you to play all weather conditions and expect consistent performance.

  • Lightweight and stiff
  • 20 stringing holes
  • Smooth release point
  • Mid-pocket blends the best of both worlds (power and accuracy)



Bottom Line

The Tactik 3.0 is an upgraded version of one of the best-selling heads of 2022 (the Tactik 2.0). Maverik made this head narrower and stiffer without adding an ounce of weight – which is phenomenal for attackmen. If you prefer mid-pocket heads or perhaps don’t even know what type of pocket you like, the Tactik 3.0 is a great fit for any offensive-heavy player. . This head just released in 2023 – so expect to see a ton of Tactik 3’s on the field in 2024.

STX Surgeon 900

attack lacrosse head with no head rattle


The Surgeon 900 is the lightest lacrosse head STX has every produced. Its SpeedScoop technologoy makes picking up ground balls easier than ever. Additionally, it’s Innerlock sidewalls allow for plenty of custom stringing options if you like to string your own stick.


  • Super lightweight
  • Designed for a mid-low pocket
  • Maximum offset
  • Tight face shape


High end price point when compared to other attack heads.

Bottom Line – Lightest head

Despite how light this head is, it is surprisingly stiff and strong – combining the best of both worlds for attackmen. Lightweight heads make it easier for attackmen to quickly dodge, pass, and shoot. If you’re a player who enjoys a lightweight head, and prefers to custom string their own pocket, this is one of the best lacrosse heads for you.

Maverik Optik U

maverik optik 3.0 predecessor head shape


Designed for high caliber offensive players, the Maverik Optik U enables sharp passing and shooting without sacrificing stiffness and strength. It includes 17 sidewall holes for unlimited strining options.


  • Designed for a mid-low pocket
  • Narrow throat for accuracy & consistency
  • Enhanced shot power


Low-end price point.

Bottom Line – Best value

The Maverik Optik U has been around since 2018, and for good reason. It is Maverik’s best selling lacrosse head, used by some of the greatest lacrosse players at the collegiate level. The Optik U is a great head for attackmen who like to operate the behind the cage, dish assists to teammates, and dodge against defenders. If you’re looking for a top offensive lacrosse head at a great price point, the Maverik Optik U is something you must consider.

Warrior Evo QX-O Grant Ament Head

attack head with improved ball control


Built for the elusive ball carrier, the Warrior Evo QX-O GA is a special, limited addition lacrosse head designed by one of the best lacrosse players in the world – Grant Ament. Grant is a shifty attackman with a lightening quick release and picture perfect passing abilities. This head features a Therma-Loc resin which maintains the head’s stiffness in hotter weather conditions, and an improved scoop curvature for better ground ball pickups.


  • Maintains shape & stiffness in heat
  • Fantastic for picking up ground balls
  • Designed for mid-low pocket


Higher end price point.

Bottom Line

For the lacrosse player that wants to mimic the play style of one of the greatest attackmen we’ve ever seen – Grant Ament, this lacrosse head is for you. The Warrior Evo QX-O is a stiff head which allows for a consistent shot and quick release. They call it “the Human Vacuum” for its incredible scoop design. The Warrior Evo QX-O is a top lacrosse head for elite attackmen looking to take their game to the next level.

What To Look For When Choosing An Attack Lacrosse Head

best lacrosse heads similar to middie lacrosse heads

Strung vs. Unstrung

Most of the feel when catching and throwing comes from the stringing of a lacrosse head. If you are a new player or lacrosse parent, you can purchase an unstrung head and have a trusted, local stick stringer add a great pocket to your stick. Alternatively, you can purchase fully strung heads online that are game-ready upon delivery.


Attack lacrosse heads typically range from $50 – $100. The lacrosse heads at the upper range tend be more durable and can last 2+ years. If you’re a beginner, it might make more sense to opt for a mid priced head until you know attack is the position for you!


Shot velocity stems from many different factors. Generally, lighter heads are easier to shoot, pass, and cradle quickly. However, lighter heads are often less stiff and durable. Stiff heads are often preferred by experienced lacrosse players while lighter heads are preferred by beginners still learning the game


The curvature shape at the end of a lacrosse head typically dictates how easy it is to scoop up ground balls. Some heads have a contoured edge while others have a sharper edge. The “scoop” shape is usually a matter of preference depending on the type of style you play.

Face shape

The face shape is one of the major elements that factor into the best attack lacrosse heads. You’ll notice that most lacrosse heads on this list have a tighter face shape, especially when compared to defensive heads or even middie lacrosse heads (which have a wider head). That is largely due to the fact that a narrow head improves ball retention, and make it less likely for the ball to be knocked out of your stick. A head that is too pinched can make it difficult for beginners to catch and throw.

Stringing Holes

The more sidewall holes a lacrosse head has, the more flexibility you have to customize your lacrosse pocket. Custom pockets are typically favored by experienced players that know how to string their own lacrosse stick, or have a teammate that can string it for them. Most attack lacrosse heads are designed for mid to low pockets – this means the ball will sit the mid-low area of the head. A mid to low pocket is ideal for attackmen because it improves ball control and make it more difficult for defenders to knock the ball out of your stick.

Final Thoughts

attack head similar to maverik optik 3.0

Attack players are known as feeders, scorers, and initiators of the team offense. The best attackmen look for a consistent head with a quick release, increased ball control, and the ability to scoop a ground ball without thinking twice. As a result, you will notice that many attack lacrosse heads have a narrow face shape and a lightweight + stiff structure.

With that being said, there are different lacrosse heads for different player preferences. If you’re an experienced player or beginner looking for an edge up on the competition, you will undoubtedly find a lacrosse head suited for your game.

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