13 Best Lacrosse Heads In 2023 (Attack, Midfield, Defense, Goalie)

best lacrosse heads

When it comes to finding the best lacrosse heads on the market, it’s best to think in terms of positions. Do you play attack, midfield, defense, faceoff, goalie, or a mix of multiple positions? This helps because gear manufacturers design lacrosse heads to best suit the needs of each position. For example, offensive heads tend to be lightweight, narrow. and optimized for ball control, while defensive heads tend to be stiffer, wider, and optimized for causing turnovers. But no matter what position you’re playing this season, this guide has everything you need in one place. In this article, we curated the ultimate list of best lacrosse heads for each position so you can easily pick up ground balls, pass, catch, shoot, and dominate your position on the field.

Best Attack Lacrosse Heads

Our Pick
east coast dyes lacrosse head for ball control

ECD Mirage 2.0

The ECD Mirage 2.0 is not your average lacrosse head. Featuring an aggressive offset, tight face shape, and exceptional scoop, this head is every shooter’s dream. This attack head is meticulously designed for a mid-low pocket and enhanced control and accuracy. If you’re an attackman, the ECD Mirage 2.0 is a top lacrosse head on the market – hands down. It head checks every box.

stx stallion 900 head tight face shape

STX Surgeon 900

The STX Surgeon 900 is the lightest lacrosse head STX has every produced. Its SpeedScoop technologoy makes picking up ground balls easier than ever. Additionally, it’s Innerlock sidewalls allow for plenty of custom stringing options if you like to string your own stick. Despite how light this head is, it is surprisingly stiff and strong – combining the best of both worlds for attackmen.

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Best Middie Lacrosse Heads

Our Pick
lacrosse heads for ground balls & ball control

StringKing Mark 2V

The Mark 2 Series from StringKing is a family of heads with options tuned to various positions and specialties. StringKing contributes thoughtful engineering to optimize the shape, weight, stability and feel. The 2V (versatile) is designed to be a great all around stick for the 2 way midfielder.

tight face shape lacrosse head with stringing holes

STX Stallion 900

The STX Stallion 900 is a fundamentally sound head. And like a great player, it has become excellent by consistent improvement. The long-standing control and ease of ground ball available in earlier models are supplemented by improvements to the body itself. The STX Stallion 900 is a fundamentally consistent head that helps midfielders elevate their game.

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Best Lacrosse Defensive Heads

Our Pick
wide face shape for ground balls

StringKing Mark 2D

The Mark 2D head features a stiff construction and wider face shape designed for harder checks and better ground ball control. StringKing identified the high-impact areas of a defensive head, and efficiently distributed material in the right places to make the structure stiff, but not super heavy. Even though this head has a wide face (which is ideal for defenders), StringKing included a slightly pinched throat to help defenders maintain possession and remain a threat in transition.

wide face shape for ground balls


The STX20 is an update on one of the most popular defensive lacrosse heads of all time: Excalibur. The STX20 has a classic face shape, which simply means there is almost no pinch to the head. This gives defenders the most surface area possible to knock down passes. The drawback to a classic face shape is it gives defenders less control when carrying the ball. STX leverages its proprietary Speed Scoop design to help defenders scoop up ground balls like a vacuum. The STX20, while not the stiffest head on the market, is still quite stiff, especially for how light it is.

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Best Lacrosse Faceoff Heads

Our Pick
high school head with shortened throat

StringKing Mark 2F

Designed with flexibility, durability, and strength, the StringKing Mark 2F provides a perfect balance of flex and stiffness when battling at the faceoff X. It flexes when you need to grip the ball, and maintains shape for consistent performance. Additionally, its shortened throat and high flare enable more leverage and control. The Mark 2F perfectly combines flexibility and stiffness, while maintaining its shape and integrity over time.

east coast dyes lacrosse head for ball control

ECD Weapon X Natural

The ECD Weapon X is engineered to help you dominate the faceoff stripe AND remain a threat on offensive. Designed as a FOSO (faceoff stay on) head, the ECD Weapon X is constructed with tough plastic that wraps around the ball and immediately returns to shape for consistent, accurate passes on offense. The ECD Weapon X is the best faceoff lacrosse head for FOSO’s.

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Best Lacrosse Goalie Heads

Our Pick
lacrosse head with plenty of stringing holes

STX Eclipse 2

The STX Eclipse 2 is the most popular and well-favored goalie head on the market. It has a stiff sidewall while remaining lightweight, which is great for goalie’s needing to react quickly and make solid stops. The Eclipse 2’s ergonomic throat design is preferred by many. Because the thinner throat design allows goalies to quickly slide their top hand up the shaft towards the head and maintain their grip to make a save. The STX Eclipse 2 is a perfect confluence of a lightweight, yet sturdy, and slick design for most keepers.

lacrosse head with plenty of stringing holes

StringKing Mark 2G

The StringKing Mark 2G is the lightest lacrosse goalie head on the market. Its lightweight nature allows for fast reaction times in net. The Mark 2G also has 48 sidewall stringing holes, making it the most customizable goalie head. The Mark 2G has a shorter throat than other heads. So if you’re a goalie that prefers having your top hand on the shaft instead the plastic throat, this is great option for you.

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Honorable Mentions

With so many lacrosse heads on the market, there are some player-favorites that simply couldn’t be excluded from this list.

Warrior EVO QX

For the lacrosse player that wants to mimic the play style of one of the greatest attackmen we’ve ever seen – Grant Ament, this lacrosse head is for you. The Warrior Evo QX-O is a stiff head which allows for a consistent shot and quick release. They call it “the Human Vacuum” for its incredible ability to pick up ground balls. The Warrior Evo QX is a top lacrosse head with plenty of stringing holes for a customizable pocket.

Maverik Optik 3.0

maverik optik lacrosse head sidewall holes

We posted a TikTok ranking the best attack heads, and the comment section was instantly flooded with dozens of players saying we left the Maverik Optik 3.0 off the list! So we took another look at this head. It has a semi tight face shape (not too tight) and is optimized for a mid-low pocket for better ball control. For the offensive-minded player who loves Maverik heads, the Maverik Optik 3.0 is certainly one to check out.


East Coast Dyes recently dropped the ECD ION. This is one of the most highly anticipated offensive heads to come out in a long time. While the jury is still out on the ECD ION, it absolutely looks incredible. Designed for a mid pocket (or mid high pocket), the ECD includes plenty of sidewall holes for limitless stringing options. The face shape and offset seem to be on point for offensive players. And the aesthetics of this head make this the coolest looking head we’ve ever seen.

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