5 Best Lacrosse Shafts For Attack In 2023

best lacrosse shafts and attack shafts

If you play attack, you need a lacrosse shaft that is lightweight yet strong. The best lacrosse shaft for attack is lightweight, so you can dodge quickly and zip the ball to a teammate at lightning speed. At the same time, they are strong enough to absorb heavy checks from defenders while adding tons of torque to your shot. Thanks to modern technology, the best attack lacrosse shafts do an excellent job of blending the best of both worlds. Some lean towards being more lightweight, some lean towards strength, and some sit closer to the middle. When paired with the best attack lacrosse heads, you can become unstoppable on the offensive side of the field. In this article, we take a look at the best lacrosse shafts for attack and how they can elevate your style of play.

What Is The Best Lacrosse Shaft For Attack?

  1. Maverik A1 Attack Lacrosse Shaft Best Overall
  2. STX Sci TiBest Strength to Weight Balance
  3. Epoch Dragonfly Elite II Attack Lacrosse ShaftBest for High School and Above
  4. Brine King Beat LE Attack Lacrosse Shaft Best Value
  5. Maverik HyperliteLightest Shaft
  6. Warrior Burn LiteBest for Beginners

Our Pick

carbon fiber shafts with tactical grip

Maverik A1 Attack Lacrosse Shaft

The new Maverik A1 Attack shaft is lighter, faster, and stronger than its predecessor. Built with scandium alloy, the A1 has a remarkable lightweight feel combined with GritGrip technology which makes for optimal grip in all weather conditions. The A1 even comes fitted with an adjustable butt end so players can customize the feel of their stick.


  • Textured grip
  • Speed shape (allows hands to control shaft easily)
  • Lightweight & strong
  • Adjustable butt end


Mid-range price

Bottom Line

The Maverik A1 is a lightweight shaft that allows attackmen to have quick hands and hard shots. Whether you’re a feeder from “X” or a step down shooter from the wing, every attackmen needs a lightweight shaft that can withstand heavy checks from defenders. The Maverik A1 balances everything an attackman needs to shoot from multiple release points and bury the ball in the back of the net.

STX Sci-Ti S Attack Lacrosse Shaft

stx sci ti lacrosse shaft


The STX Sci-Ti S is an alloy shaft that is universally loved by offensive lacrosse players. It is strong, sturdy and durable, while simultaneously remaining lightweight. The S-Grip profile is a unique grip design optimized for stronger cradling and better feel. Lastly, it is touched up with a max sandblast finish that provides a non-slip grip in all weather conditions.


  • Proprietary STX alloy shaft
  • Phenomenal strength to weight ratio
  • S-Grip provides better feel for offensive players
  • Non-slip grip surface
  • Lightweight end cap


Mid-high price range

Bottom Line

Every offensive player needs this shaft. The STX Sci Ti revolutionized the lacrosse shaft game by making a product that is sturdy, durable, and lightweight. Its strength to weight ratio is top of the line. You can instantly feel the sturdiness of this shaft the minute you hold it in your hands. The S-Grip is a favorite amongst attackmen because of how incredible it feels when cradling. We highly recommend the STX Sci Ti shaft for attackmen looking to elevate the offensive aspects of their game.

Epoch Dragonfly Elite II

carbon fiber shaft and lacrosse attack shafts


Used by Premier Lacrosse League pros Matt Rambo and Josh Byrne, the Epoch Dragonfly Elite is for attackmen looking to take their game to the next level. It comes glazed with a smooth matte feel and Progressive Weave technology that increases power and reactivity for snappy passes and shots. In addition to power, the Dragonfly Elite is Epoch’s lightest shaft they ever made.


  • Smooth matte feel
  • Traditional concave shape
  • Increases shot power
  • Built for elite attackmen


High end price point

Bottom Line

The Epoch Dragonfly Elite is designed for the high school and collegiate attackmen looking to increase power and velocity on their shot. This is a higher end lacrosse shaft for a reason: it is durable, lightweight, and meticulously designed to increase energy transfer up the shaft while shooting. If you’re willing to invest a bit more into your game, the Epoch Dragonfly Elite is a top of the line product that unlocks a new level of shooting ability in your game.

Brine King Beat LE Attack Lacrosse Shaft

hollow shaft and lacrosse shaft


The Brine King Beat is a concave shape lacrosse shaft that has a smooth, natural feel to it. It’s a tough shaft that can withstand checks without snapping. Many players have used this shaft for multiple years and only accumulated a few knicks and dents along the way. Even with the Brine King Beat being known for its durability, it is relatively lightweight.


  • Reliable, strong
  • Decently lightweight
  • Fantastic value for its price
  • Great for backup stick


Very affordable – packs a ton of value for this price point.

Bottom Line

“This shaft is a steal”. If you’re looking for reliable shaft, the Brine King Beat is a trusty option that has been getting the job done for attackmen for years. It’s a solid shaft that will need to be taped up for added grip. Because this shaft comes in at such an afforadable price point, many attackmen add this to their backup stick in the event their game-day shaft breaks.

Maverik Hyperlite Attack Lacrosse Shaft

carbon fiber shaft with stiffest carbon fiber layup


Coming in 8% lighter than its previous version, the Maverik Hyperlite is the lightest shaft in Maverik’s suite of lacrosse shafts. This carbon fiber shaft features ‘zero flex’, which adds stiffness and enables a consistent release.


  • Optimal strength-to-weight ratio
  • Extremely light
  • High-end carbon shaft
  • Adjustable butt end


High end price point

Bottom Line

The Maverik Hyperlite is as light as a feather while being able to stand up to the punishment of big boy play. Because of its super lightweight feel and high end carbon fiber material, the Maverik Hyperlite is one of the most expensive attack lacrosse shafts on the market. But that’s because attackmen value speed. If you’re a shifty attackman, like Grant Ament or Chris Gray, who likes to dodge and initiate offense, this is the perfect shaft for you.

Warrior Burn Lite Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

carbon shafts with maximum control


The Warrior Burn Lite is a flexible carbon shaft strategically layered to be lightweight and durable for attackmen. It offers a diamond grip for enhanced stick control.


  • Lightweight
  • All-around balanced shaft


Mid-low price point

Bottom Line

The Warrior Burn Lite is a great option for beginners. It is a well-rounded shaft that values lightweight and durability. As a beginner, you likely do not know whether you prefer a light shaft or a strong shaft yet. The Burn Lite is one of the best starter options that offers the best of both worlds as you learn the game of lacrosse. After a year or two of playing with Burn Lite should you consider graduating to a higher end shaft.

What Material Should I Choose For My Lacrosse Shaft?

metal shafts and dynamic wall taper technology

There are several key differences between the materials used to construct lacrosse shafts. It’s important to keep these tips in mind when choosing:

Composite Shafts

Composite lacrosse shafts are drawn from carbon fiber material, making them sturdy and lightweight. The carbon fiber finish on a lacrosse shaft is also highly comfortable to grip with your hands. Composite shafts are exceptional for offensive-minded midfielders because of their ability to “flex” when shooting, adding extra velocity to your shot. A composite is a mixture of material – usually some sort of matrix and a reinforcement material. Because the “recipe” can be adjusted, composites can be tuned to different levels of stiffness and flexibility.

Aluminum Alloy Shafts

Alloy shafts are one of the most common materials material types you will find amongst lacrosse shafts. They are lightweight, maintain decent strength, and come in at a much more affordable price point than other material types.

Scandium Shafts

Scandium shafts are a step up from alloy shafts in terms of material quality. Scandium is an enhanced alloy that has a better strength to weight ratio than aluminum alloy shafts.

Titanium Shafts

Titanium shafts are built for strength. This was once the “go-to” material for elite shafts, but has been largely replaced by lighter weight shafts like scandium enhanced alloys.

Wooden Shafts

Once upon a time wooden lacrosse shafts were the universal material of the lacrosse world. They are known for this smooth finish and traditional feel. Because of their heavier weight, they have largely been replaced by lighter metal shafts.


nike vandal lacrosse shaft

What is the lightest lax shaft?

The lightest lacrosse shaft for attack is is the Maverik Hyperlite. It is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts ever made – coming in 8% lighter than its previous model. “Lightness” is extremely valuable to attackmen who like to dodge fast and move the ball quickly because a light shaft can feel like it’s floating in your hands, opposed to weighing you down.

What is the best material for attack lacrosse shafts?

The best material for attack lacrosse shafts is either carbon fiber or scandium alloy. Both offer a very lightweight feel without compromising strength and stiffness. Unlike defense lacrosse shafts, attack shafts need to be lightweight for quick ball movement AND strong enough absorb heavy checks from defenders. Balancing strength and weight is a delicate dance lacrosse manufacturers have been experimenting with for decades. In the modern era, carbon fiber shafts and scandium alloy shafts do the best job at balancing those two attributes for attackmen.

What is the best attack lacrosse shaft?

The best attack lacrosse shaft is the Maverik A1 attack lacrosse shaft. It is remarkably lightweight, strong, and includes a weather-proof grip with an adjustable butt end. Not only does this shaft feature everything an attack player needs, it comes in at a reasonable price point, especially when compared to other expensive options on the market.

Final Thoughts

carbon fiber shaft and lacrosse shaft

When choosing a lacrosse shaft for attack it’s important to consider your style of play. Are you a physical dodger like Matt Rambo? A speedy dodger like Grant Ament? A step down shooter like Logan Wisnauskas? A crease attacker like Jay Carlson? Or a hybrid player like Jeff Teat? Physical dodgers, step down shooters, and crease attackmen typically prefer a strong shaft that can absorb checks and add power to their shot. Speedy dodgers and crisp passers prefer lighter shafts for a quick release. If you’re a beginner and not sure which you prefer, it’s always safe to go with a shaft that balances the strength to weight ratio relatively evenly.

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