5 Best Lacrosse Shafts For Middies In 2022

If you’re a midfielder, you need a lacrosse shaft that is tough yet lightweight. The best lacrosse shafts for middies are strong, so you can cradle the ball through traffic, D up offensive players, and improve your shooting power. They are also lightweight, so you can pass, shoot, and dodge quickly. Thanks to new, innovative technology, the best midfield lacrosse shafts are improving upon this strength to weight ratio. When paired with the best midfield lacrosse heads, you can elevate your game to the next level. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best lacrosse shafts for midfielders and break down how they can amplify your style of play.

What are the Best Midfield Lacrosse Shafts?

  1. ECD Carbon MTXBest Overall
  2. STX SC-TiBest for D-Middies & Faceoffs
  3. Warrior Burn Lite Best Value
  4. Nike Vapor CompositeBest for Offensive Middies
  5. TRUE Zerolyte CompositeBest for Young Players (U14)

Our Pick

carbon fiber shaft & high flex shaft

ECD Carbon MTX

This shaft is designed specifically for two-way midfielders who need a durable, lightweight shaft that won’t break. It includes high-end Textreme technology, which is an ultra-light, strong carbon fiber material.


  • 20% lighter than typical carbon fiber shafts
  • Used by professional player Bryan Costabile
  • Built specifically for two-way midfielders
  • Reinforced strength that prevents micro cracks


Higher end price point

Bottom Line

While there are plenty of lacrosse shafts designed for attackmen, defenders, and goalies, you won’t find too many shafts specifically built for midfielders. The ECD Carbon MTX is one of those rare exceptions. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable, which is fantastic for midfielders who play physical defense, and take big step-down shots on offense. If you’re looking for the best of the best for middies, the Carbon MTX is for you.

STX SC-Ti Alloy Handle

best lacrosse shafts


The STX SC-Ti is a scandium, titanium alloy that gives a good relationship of weight and durability. In addition to the sound metallurgy it comes with a series of options for the shape and finish. It is on the higher end of the price range but it is a strong shaft and therefore should stand the rigors of normal field use. 


  • Good relationship of strength and weight
  • Multiple grip options
  • Sandblast finish which improves grip
  • New Elite End Cap for a durable alternative to tape


Mid-range price

Bottom Line

The STX SC Ti is a strong and light shaft that can stand up to the rigors of playing the midfield position. It comes in multiple grip profiles like the X-Grip and S-Grip, which optimizes your finger and thumb placement on the stick for better feel and control. It’s an all-around great shaft that is used by tons of players at the faceoff X and defensive middie position.

Warrior Burn Lite Carbon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

stiffest carbon fiber layup


The Warrior Burn Lite is a lacrosse shaft built for speedy midfielders. It’s a lightweight shaft that maintains durability.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Budget friendly price
  • Weather-resistant grip


Very affordable – packs a ton of value for this price point.

Bottom Line

If you’re a new player looking for a solid, budget-friendly lacrosse shaft that is lightweight and durable (which is ideal for midfielders, the Warrior Burn Lite is a fantastic option.

Nike Vapor Composite

lightest shaft and carbon fiber shaft


The Nike Vapor Composite lacrosse shaft is a high-performance carbon shaft featuring a super clean aesthetic. Some younger players struggle to bend a a carbon shaft when shooting (bending adds torque and power to your shot). Nike took a different route with the flex of this shaft. They made it slightly easier to bend as you shoot, helping add a few extra MPH to your shot.


  • Reduced weight
  • Targeted flex point (bends for hard shots)
  • Textured finish and secure grip


Mid-high end price point.

Bottom Line

This shaft is superb for offensive-minded midfielders looking to add a little extra speed to their shot. Its reduced weight and targeted flex point makes this stick feel weightless; allowing you to dodge quickly and shoot smoothly without a hitch.

TRUE Zerolyte Composite Shaft

attack lacrosse shaft with adjustable butt end


The TRUE Zerolyte Composite is an ultralight composite shaft built for midfielders who like to shoot, dodge, and cradle on the run. It comes with a fine texture finish, giving you a slightly rough surface to help maintain your grip on the stick.


  • One of the lightest composite shafts on the market
  • 15% lighter and 4% stronger than other TRUE lacrosse shafts
  • Great for young players
  • Durable: built to absorb checks


Mid-range price point

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the perfect shaft for a young player (under 14 years old), this is the lacrosse shaft to choose. It’s very lightweight, durable, and features a subtle, textured grip finish. Lightweight shafts make it much easier for players to shoot, pass, and carry the ball. At the same time, it is constructed with PowerFLX technology, which allows the shaft to absorb checks without breaking.

What Material Should I Choose For My Lacrosse Shaft?

lacrosse attack shafts

There are several key differences between the materials used to construct lacrosse shafts. It’s important to keep these tips in mind when choosing:

Composite Shafts

Composite lacrosse shafts are drawn from carbon fiber material, making them sturdy and lightweight. The carbon fiber finish on a lacrosse shaft is also highly comfortable to grip with your hands. Composite shafts are exceptional for offensive-minded midfielders because of their ability to “flex” when shooting, adding extra velocity to your shot.

A composite is a mixture of material – usually some sort of matrix and a reinforcement material. Because the “recipe” can be adjusted, composites can be tuned to different levels of stiffness and flexibility.

Aluminum Alloy Shafts

Alloy shafts are one of the most common materials material types you will find amongst lacrosse shafts. They are lightweight, maintain decent strength, and come in at a much more affordable price point than other material types.

Scandium Shafts

Scandium shafts are a step up from alloy shafts in terms of material quality. Scandium is an enhanced alloy that has a better strength to weight ratio than aluminum alloy shafts.

Titanium Shafts

Titanium shafts are built for strength. This was once the “go-to” material for elite shafts, but has been largely replaced by lighter weight shafts like scandium enhanced alloys.

Wooden Shafts

Once upon a time wooden lacrosse shafts were the universal material of the lacrosse world. They are known for this smooth finish and traditional feel. Because of their heavier weight, they have largely been replaced by lighter metal shafts.


What is the lightest lax shaft?

The Nike Vapor Composite is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts for midfielders, and the TRUE Zerolyte Composite is one of the lightest lacrosse shafts for U14 players.

What is the best material for lacrosse shafts?

This is something largely up to personal preference, however the most popular lacrosse shafts are certainly carbon fiber/composite and metal alloy shafts.

Carbon fiber and composite shafts have an excellent strength to weight ratio that allows the stick to “flex” as you shoot, making for a faster shot. Composites also have a nice grip textured finish. Metal and alloy shafts do not flex as much, but are lightweight, decently sturdy, and have a smooth finish.

But it’s not just about offense! If you take faceoffs or play defensive middie, it’s important to find a shaft (like defense lacrosse shafts) that feature strength and durability.

What is the best middie lacrosse shaft for beginners?

The best middie lacrosse shaft for beginners is the Warrior Burn Lite because it is lightweight, durable, and comes in at an affordable price point for beginners still learning the game of lacrosse.

Final Thoughts

hollow shaft & best attack lacrosse shafts

When choosing a lacrosse shaft, it’s important to consider your style of play. Are you an offensive middie, defensive middie, FOGO, or two-way middie playing both ends of the field? Offensive middies tend to prefer lighter shafts that flex during the shot like the ECD Carbon MTX. Defensive middies and FOGOs prefer something stronger, sturdier, and durable like the STX Sci-Ti. If you’re a two way middie, or just getting started at the midfield position, you can’t really go wrong with any of the other options in this list. They all maintain an excellent strength to weight ratio, which is the #1 thing to consider when choosing a midfield lacrosse shaft.

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