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PLL Sixes (Is this the future of lacrosse?) 🔮

Michael Sowers’ footwork is ridiculous 😧

Best new attack lacrosse head 🧊

The highest scoring lacrosse game in NCAA history 💯

PLL Sixes: Is This The Future Of Lacrosse?

This past week, the PLL Sixes league debuted on ESPN2. If you’re not familiar with Sixes, it is a new, fast-paced version of lacrosse designed to attract more fans and appeal to the Olympic Committee. Check out our full video explaining Lacrosse Sixes.

While it’s always great to see more lacrosse on TV, it certainly didn’t come without mixed reactions from die-hard lacrosse fans.

There is a lot to like about “Sixes” but the game is simply not fair for the goalies.  Call it “box on grass” if you like with the very significant difference being goalies padded properly in front of a smaller net.  Hard to imagine a young goalie aspiring to play in this game. https://t.co/f93FG4IGOp

— Dom Starsia (@DomStarsiaPLL)
Feb 24, 2023

Honestly, I haven’t made up my mind about Sixes yet. The purist in me enjoys the traditional field game and would love to see that become the mainstream, Olympic-version of the sport. However, I also respect the PLL for continuously pushing the envelope and innovating the game. It keeps fans engaged and gives people new reasons to hate Paul Rabil (that’s a joke 😂).

What are your thoughts on Sixes?

Michael Sowers’ Footwork Is Ridiculous

While many PLL pros are out playing Sixes, Mikey Sowers posted some training videos to his Instagram story. Sheeeesh.


Mikey Sowers speed is ridiculous ⚡️💨 (via @michaelsowers22) #laxtok #lacrossehighlights #lacrosse #lacrossetraining

If you’re a young lacrosse player, start implementing some Mike Sowers footwork drills in to your routine. Grab some training aids like agility ladders and shooting targest to help improve your game.

Best New Attack Lacrosse Head?

A few months ago, East Coast Dyes released the ECD Ion, one of the most highly anticipated lacrosse heads to come out in a long time. It is lightweight, slick, and comes with an innovative see-through design.

Based on the abundance of player feedback (you will see this head everywhere soon) and playing with it myself, the ECD Ion may be the best attack lacrosse head on the market today.

The Highest Scoring Lacrosse Game In NCAA History

Last week, history was made. The shootout between Virginia and Harvard became the NCAA men’s D1 all-time highest scoring lacrosse game, with a final score of 25-21, Virginia.

However, when lacrosse statisticians looked to the history books, they quickly realized that the NCAA record book does NOT collect ‘total goals in a game’. Nooooooo! But wait…the record book does show that the most FACEOFFS ever attempted was 47, by NC State and UVA in 1978.

.@UVAMensLax & @HarvardMLax break the NCAA men’s D1 record for faceoffs attempted in a game with 51 (though with 46 goals, stat correction coming?). No official record for combined goals, but with the previous record being 47 total faceoffs, it’s probably that too https://t.co/oQaRmi0ei2

— Patrick McEwen (@LaxFilmRoom)
Feb 18, 2023

Unless there were some weird rules in the 1970’s resulting in faceoffs to be skipped, it is safe to assume that the 2023 UVA-Harvard game was the highest scoring game in men’s D1 history. What does it mean for the rest of us? It means this college season is about to be ELECTRIC ⚡.

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